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Comprehensive Storm Damage Restoration 12 Months a Year

Our region sees plenty of extreme weather conditions throughout the year. Between heavy storms from the midwest and those coming up from the south, residents are used to preparing for the worst. Delaware County Restoration in Glenolden, PA is your local, trusted service provider of storm damage restoration if one of these events gets the best of your home or business. Our services are available 24/7 and will help secure your home, clean out the damage, and restore the property back to its condition. Contact our professional crew for help today.

rebuilding deck outside

Weather and Storm Damage Specialists

We are an industry-certified disaster recovery company that can handle all aspects of storm damage restoration. From downed trees and limbs to managing flooded conditions, our team has the knowledge, tools, and skills to mitigate situations and restore your home.

Common Storm-Related Issues Families and Businesses Deal With

Heavy Rains

Roofs and siding are installed to protect buildings from rain. However, downpours and storms that last for days can bring more rainwater than roofs and gutters can handle. Backed-up downspouts and troughs can cause water to seep under roofs and behind siding, resulting in damage to walls and insulation.


The weight of snow on roofs can cause them to collapse. This is especially true for flat and low-slope roofs. When this happens, removing the remaining snow and solidifying the structure is critical.

Ice Dams

As snow sits on roofs and gutters, it goes through a constant thaw and refreezing process every day and night. As the snow melts and turns to ice, it adds additional weight while not allowing water to flow freely into gutters. This forces it under shingles and into walls.

Severe Winds

Trees and limbs cause plenty of damage to roofs, windows, siding, and garages. We handle tree and limb removal as well as repairs to the building.

A Fast Response to Storm Damage Cleanup

Contact our licensed and insured team of professional restoration service providers today. Everyone here at Delaware County Restoration in Glenolden, PA is committed to providing you with the best customer service as we help in your time of need. Call us for 24-hour emergency services.

24-Hour Emergency Services